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May 2022


Major Donation Being Received


The WYE Project is excited to announce we are about to receive a generous private donation of $1,000.00. This money is earmarked to be used as seed money toward launching our first Youth Workshops this summer.














Student Interns Needed for Youth Workshops


Hours:  TBD.

Day:  TBD

Pay:  Stipend Provided, depending upon the project.



  • Under the guidance of the Coordinator, facilitate workshops for youths, ages 13-15, following themed course guidelines.

  • Provide mentoring as well as instruction to the students.

  • Keep proper documentation of workshop progression.

  • Assist in reading and math skills when needed.

  • Set-up and breakdown of workshop space.


  • Education Major, with good background in STEM and STEAM subjects.

  • Have a particular interest in helping Title-1 students achieve academic goals.

  • Strong creative talents and skills a plus.

  • Bi-lingual a plus

  • Reliable transportation.

  • Background Check

Send Resume w/Cover Letter to:

Volunteers Also Needed for Projects


While the above Student Intern requirements are educationally formal and very specific, requirements for those wishing to Volunteer with us are less stringent. First and foremost, you must have a clean record, and a background check will still be required. Ideal qualities we are looking for include: Being patient and able to follow directions well; enjoy helping people–especially youths of various ages; being punctual and have reliable transportation. Having creative abilities, and being able to think “outside the box” is a major plus. Having a resume of previous work and/or volunteer experience also a plus.

Email to:       

July 2022

Exploring The ME Youth Workshops Finished for The Summer

We finally made our debut as a new community-based non-profit serving Kissimmee when we held our first project of special workshops entitled, Exploring The ME Youth Workshops, this June for 40 Kissimmee Parks & Recreation summer camp youths. With a venue change from original plans for the workshops, the sessions were eventually held at the Marydia Community Center. The target age group was also re-focused for participation by the younger grades of K-through-5.


Although some of the campers’ creations were that which is typically expected of such a young group, many showed surprising maturity in abstract designs, which can be an especially cathartic, therapeutic release for its creators. This was a key aspect of the project’s aim to foster an “exploring of the inner self.” If the campers were being graded on their works (of course they weren’t), we can say many of them could be given an “A” for the creativity they displayed in the workshops. (See Gallery page)


Exploring The ME was made possible by a generous donation from a private benefactor to The WYE Project. (See May post above) This enabled WYEP to offer this project as collaboration with Kissimmee Parks & Recreation to bring a special feature to its summer campers. No Parks & Rec funds were used for these workshops.

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