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Our First Planned Project:    A Youth Expo Place

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A Youth Expo Place will be an on-going project created by neighborhood youths. With adult and professional guidance, they will design and build the structures from the ground-up, create the exhibit content within the structures and organize this Expo Place to be a  fully-functioning not-for-profit enterprise to share their concerns, aspirations, and accomplishments with neighborhood residents and the general public.


In the process of developing this project, the participating youths will be encouraged to “dream” about the “possibilities” within The Self, as well as the world beyond their community’s boundaries and in the process of doing so, discover their personal strengths and contributions to everyday life and their potential for future career paths.


A Youth Expo Place will be a place of pride for these youths; a safe place where they can go to hangout, have fun, share thoughts and ideas with peers, and learn and discover new things that will help direct them toward becoming successful, contributing adults.

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