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“Exploring the Me” Youth Workshops


A series of themed “creativity workshops” for underprivileged and at-risk youths and concluding with a Community Showcase in which the youths present their works to the residents of their community, as well as the public in general. The youths serve as “hosts,” having impromptu talks with the visitors about their creations.


In the process of creating their works, the participating youths, age 10 through 15,

are encouraged to “dream” about the “possibilities” within The Self, as well as the world beyond their community’s boundaries and in the process of doing so, discover their personal strengths and contributions to family, everyday life and

their potential for future endeavors.

Rebekah Davey instructing the kids, 6.22.22. (1).jpg

Rebekah Davey of WYEP instructing summer campers during an Exploring The ME Youth Workshop session, June 2022.

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