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Several Works by Kissimmee Summer Campers, grades K-through-5, in the

                           Exploring The ME Youth Workshops, June 2022.

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The workshops were split into two sessions each week, K-2, and grades 3-to-5.

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REFLECTIONS: Portraits of Who I Am. The workshops ran from June 13th through July 25th, 2023         at the Boys & Girls Club of St. Cloud, Florida.

Three students busy at work on their creations.

COMMUNITY SHOWCASE at the Boys & Girls Club of St. Cloud displaying 113 works by students of the REFLECTIONS workshops, concluding 7-weeks of sessions. For the Showcase, the works were displayed in order of progression of the workshops


65 Best of the Best Works created by the students during the final REFLECTIONS sessions on display at the St. Cloud Veteran’s Memorial Public Library through November 30th, 2023.

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